Electric Kettles Auto Shut Off

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Electric kettles auto shut off make our lives easier. Kettles are among the simplest appliances and are very helpful in every household. Their main purpose is to boil water fast and let us prepare a cup of coffee or tea or even cereal in an instant.

Having electric kettles in your kitchen saves up time and money especially when you have electric kettles auto shut off. When you wake up in the morning you just have to put water on the kettle, switch on and get ready for work while your water is heating. You don’t have to monitor electric kettles auto shut off as they automatically turns off when on reaching boiling point.

Aside from the auto shut off safety feature, electric kettles auto shut off boil water a lot faster compare to stove or traditional kettles. Stove kettles consume much more time as it will heat up the surface first before the water. electric kettles auto shut off take less than 3 minutes to boil the water and ready to pour in your cup. And because it is focused it is also energy efficient and of course a money saver on your bills.

How to choose the best electric kettles auto shut off?

  1. Choose the material. What would suit you? Plastic, glass or stainless? Plastic kettles are a lot cheaper and are light weight, but they may contain BPA and can leave a slight change of flavor in your tea or coffee. Glass types, aside from being stylish, are easy to clean and let you see the water level but they are heavy and quite expensive compared to plastics and stainless. Lastly, stainless steel kettles are the most durable among the others and comes in different designs. Most are at reasonable prices and includes additional features.
  2. Consider the size. How many people you will serve? If it’s only you then a half liter should be enough. But if it’s for a family use, there are 1.5 to 2 liters are better.
  3. Safety Standards. Lastly check that the kettle is equipped with a non-slip cool-touch handle, has a large pouring spout, and meet safety standards to avoid accidents.

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