Programmable Electric Kettles

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Programmable electric kettles are a modern innovation to this long standing gadget of the kitchen.  Programmable electric kettles have certain distinct advantages particularly if you are looking to make the perfect cup of tea every time.  These are designed to boil water to the temperature that is best for your chosen drink of choice, and keep it warm for a period of 30 minutes to 4 hours. They are such a practical kitchen gadget today and alot of innovative features have been added to and improved them over the years.

The recommended water temperature varies for different teas: herbal infusions need 212F(100C), black and oolong teas want water at about 185F(85C), in between is Chamomile at 194F(90C).  Also, coffee can be burned with boiling water and has a best temperature between 196F(91C) and 205F(96C) for preparation.  Programmable electric kettles lets you choose the right temperature, and keep it there which is great if you want a second cup.

When buying programmable electric kettles there are certain dos and do not.  Before you begin take time to understand how and what you will use it. Is the it comfortable to hold and not too heavy when full, is it easy to fill, when pouring does it splutter, spit, or run down the side of the spout.  Other parts of your decision may be: energy usage (will it boil smaller amounts), will it boil quickly and/or loudly, is there a water level window.  And if you live in a hard water area does it have a limescale filter,

Programmable electric kettles can have a mixture of different setting, check that the it has temperature range that fulfils your needs, and if you plan to use a keep-warm function how long does it lasts for as this may vary between 30 minutes and four hours.

If you are purchasing this appliance it’s probably a good idea to get one that has programmable control.  But programmable controls is not the only quality to think about when buying a kettle, it should fit with your lifestyle.  Don’t panic, we at will do our best to help you choose the best one for you.

The kettle is a humble appliance which we often take for granted and use without a great deal of thought and without it life become inconvenient Learn more about their history here.