Travel Electric Kettles

Travel electric kettles can be found in a variety of styles and sizes.  Whether large or small travel electric kettles can be used to boil water for everyone on your trip be it many or few.  Traveling on your own or with a partner or friend a larger one that can heat two cups only will fulfil your needs.  When traveling with a group of friends bigger travel electric kettles are better.

The demand for them has grown because they are easily carried and used.   Many people wish to drink tea or coffee for which the main ingredient is bot water.  Often the best option is to make these oneself is to have your own kettle along with tea bags and coffee in your travel bag.  All you need is an electric connection.

Modern travel electric kettles have many of the features of counter top kettles and include water level indicator showing the water capacity and an auto shut-off feature. They are ergonomically designed to facilitate ease of handling and carrying.  Some of them have variable temperature control features which is great for making some teas which taste better when brewed at lower temperatures for instance: herbal infusions need 212F(100C), black and oolong teas want water at about 185F(85C), in between is Chamomile at 194F(90C).  Also, coffee can be burned with boiling water and has a best temperature between 196F(91C) and 205F(96C) when prepared.

Cordless models are offered on the market. This type of a model generally has a base for housing the electrical connection used as to power the unit. Other models have a detachable base that allows for the kettle’s conversion to stovetop usage. The wide, no-spills spouts of this product enable easy cleaning and help in avoiding spillage. These features make this product an attractive choice to carry when travelling.

These kettles are of good quality.  The inner part is coated in a non-reactive metal whilst the body is available in several materials including glass, steel, or copper.

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