Variable Temperature Electric kettles

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variable temperature electric kettles are one of the most favoured features added to this standard kitchen gadget.  Variable temperature electric kettles do come with certain distinct advantages.  These kettles are designed to bring the water to the temperature best suited to the drink of your choice be that tea or coffee.

Ask a tea expert for their thoughts about making green or white tea using boiling water and watch them wince.  The expert will likely explain teas are much too delicate for boiling water with 158F(70C) as the ideal temperature for white tea.

Recommended temperatures vary for different teas: herbal infusions need 212F(100C), black and oolong teas want water at about 185F(85C), in between is Chamomile at 194F(90C).  Also, coffee can be burned with boiling water and has a best temperature between 196F(91C) and 205F(96C) for preparation.

When it comes to choosing variable temperature electric kettles there are some dos and don’ts. The kettle should be comfortable to hold and not too heavy, easy to fill, and pour without running down the spout or sputtering.  Other elements that may be important are: energy efficiency (can boil smaller quantities), how speedily or loudly it boils water, is there a window to show water level.

Variable temperature electric kettles can have a variety of setting, check that the kettle has temperature that fulfil your needs, and if you want a keep-warm function how long does it lasts for as this may vary between 30 minutes and four hours.  Check whether it has an effective limescale filter if you live in a hard water area.

If you are buying an electric kettle it’s probably a good idea to get one that has temperature control.  Temperature control is not the only aspect to consider when buying a kettle, there are many things to take account of.  Don’t panic, we at will do our best to help you choose the best one for you.

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