AICOK Electric Kettles

Aicok electric kettles are a useful appliance to have in any kitchen and look good straight out of the box.  From the low cost models to the more pricy ones they are designed to fit comfortably under most overhead kitchen cabinets and their overall look is appealing enough for keeping it on top of your kitchen counter.

They supply a range of domestic appliance from kettles, coffee makers, and steamers, to bottle openers, mixers, juicers, grinders, and other premium appliaces.  They bring the soul of the home into the kitchen keeping the family together around the dining table.

They focus their expertise in having an in-depth understanding of the North American and European daily life investing heavily in bringing knowledge to its product lines. Their experienced team is unremitting in pushing the frontiers in developing and bringing high end products to households worldwide

Aicok has long believed the customer is most important.  Their product lines and promotions approach is to place their products in homes where they are appreciated. They constantly strive to build practical products to bring a healthy and happy lifestyle to you,

Aicok kettles themselves sit on a base which delivers the power.  The appliance is easy to lift and replace and has a 360 degree rotation when sitting on the base.  Because the power cord is attached to the base it won’t get in the way when serving, you can easily take the kettle to the dining room when needed.