OXO Adjustable Temperature Kettle, 2.3, Silver

$129.99 $119.95


  • Adjustable temperature control heats and keeps water at exactly your desired temperature (140°F to 212°F / 60°C to 100°C)
  • Precise-pour gooseneck spout is elongated and features a curved opening for a steady flow
  • Cord-free Kettle is easily removed from the 360-degree swivel base
  • Built-in timer counts up to track your pour-over process
  • Safety shut-off automatically stops Kettle after a 30-minute keep-warm cycle
  • Balanced design for comfort and control while pouring
  • Stay-cool handle provides a secure grip

The OXO Brew Adjustable Temperature Pour Over Kettle heats and keeps water at your desired temperature (140°F to 212°F/60°C to 100°C), whether you’re making pour over coffee or a cozy cup of tea. The precise-pour gooseneck spout is elongated and features a curved opening, and combined with the balanced design of the Kettle, it offers a steady, controlled pouring experience. The 1500 watt power means it heats up quickly, while the non slip handle and knob stay cool to the touch. The optional built in timer can be used to track your pour over process without the need for a separate tool, and the base features a handy temperature guide for popular types of tea and the best temperature to heat your water to for each other them. The Kettle is cordless when removed from the the 360 degree swivel base, and automatically shuts off for safety after a 30 minute keep warm cycle. The Kettle is made of naturally BPA free stainless steel for kitchen to table appeal, and the 1-Liter capacity makes it perfect for serving.

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